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Product Development Director

We're an LA-based cosmetic eCommerce brand ForChics and we are looking for a qualified product development/regulatory compliance expert, who has been servicing in the Skin Care and Cosmetics arena. 

This role will support all phases of product development from concept to completion. The ideal candidate will have strong expertise in formulating for clean beauty, with several years of skincare experience and have a track record of bringing products from ideation to market. A successful candidate has a passion for ingredients, problem solving and the curiosity to push beyond established boundaries of formulating. If you have the leadership skills to build and develop a team, and the confidence and expertise to work collaboratively with our founder, we would love to hear from you. 

You will coordinate with all areas of the business including but not limited to QA/QC, product design, engineering, testing & certification, domestic and oversea supplier, sales and marketing support.

This position is remote, can be based anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Position Responsibilities

- Partner closely with the founder on innovative concepts that drive back to the ForChics mission.
- Manage all phases of New Product Development includes Ideation, Research, Design, Prototype, Development, Production, Maintenance/Upgrades and Retirement
- Partner with Operations during briefing stage on COG targets and estimated forecasts for launch.

 -Possess a clear understanding of ForChics blacklist and the ability to problem solve and formulate against it with multiple manufacturers. 

- Lead all communication with cross-functional partners and departments as it relates to product briefs, claims, artwork and regulatory deliverables. 

- Vet through all of the prototypes and samples created and further improve or reject the submission.
- Analyze and conduct a guide on what’s feasible from a scientific perspective in order to achieve the aesthetics and claims we want.
- Collaborate with packaging vendors and internal teams in developing new, sustainably driven packaging. 

- Recommend new ingredient stories, product textures, and product pathways.

- Oversee the evaluation and direction of shade and formula submissions from lab to production with internal teams including Product Development, Sales and Marketing. 
- Maintain or improve ongoing quality standards, minimize costs and ensure products are designed for ease of manufacture.

6 Month Expectations

- Manage existing products by working closely with manufacturers and internal teams to ensure product specifications, quality, production capacity and delivery meet the business goals
- Partner with Marketing + Education on product messaging, key ingredients and the story.
- Provide a full R&D roadmap including budget and timeline.

- Manage continuous improvement initiative on existing products’ specifications and performance 
- Work closely with Creative team and/or 3rd-party design firm to ensure product design is consistent with NPD goals
- Work closely with raw materials vendors to access trends and upcoming key ingredients.
- Manage packaging development by collaborating with Creative team, packaging suppliers and manufacturers to ensure packaging meets the agreed upon specification, production and design goals
- Manage product testing, certification and product compliance-related tasks
- Review and test prototypes, pre-production, production samples
- Manage product quality and understand basic QA/QC requirements

12 Months Expectations

- Lead Product Development, R&D and regulatory teams.
- Establish the tools, processes, and best practices that will ensure the products are produced on time with a strong understanding of timeline for clinicals and regulatory registrations.

- Establish and maintain a go-to network of world-class manufacturing partners.
- Proactively identify opportunities to tap into or incorporate the latest trends in color, skincare, production approaches + techniques, and broader inspirations, innovations and interruptions within the beauty industry.

- Manage production and delivery timeline
- Create and manage product documentations including but not limited to product specifications, test reports, certification and design artworks
- Work with legal team on patent filing, legal inquiries, and agreements
- Support sourcing initiatives
- Work with cross-functional teams on product-related projects
- Ensure the dossiers for our products are as complete and accurate as possible.

What You'll Bring To The Table

- 3+ years of skincare product development experience
- A passion about pushing the boundaries for new innovative products
- A clear understanding with the willingness to learn more about how to formulate clean products
- The mindset to think bigger, the curiosity to dig deeper, and the passion to do better
- An entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, and a bold approach to problem-solving.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Strong communication skills with ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely – ability to provide and receive constructive feedback.

- Ability to be flexible and work in a fast-paced environment.
- Must be highly collaborative with the ability to understand the objectives of all cross-functional partners and work towards a timeline with products that will deliver excellence and success. 

- Strong work ethic and personal accountability.